The Project

In our project the students of the 6 participating countries will study the various aspects of the natural element “water” on different levels. Besides the work they do at their respective schools they will be travelling to the partner countries for direct cooperation and intercultural exchange.

I  Individual level

By creating and using a questionnaire the students will do research on their direct environment (house and school) to find out their habits of using water.

Output: They will show the results in diagrams and they will compare and discuss the results of the different partner-schools in a web-conference and a direct debate.

II Local level

The students will find out about their local water reserves (lakes, rivers, sea, water quality, use, fresh water, sewage water) by going on field trips and having conferences with experts.

Output: They will make PowerPoint Presentations and create objects for an exhibition: photography, jars, paintings, floating objects etc.

They will participate in a cleaning up programme and write articles.

III Cultural level and glimpse on the world

The students will consider the  cultural importance of water  by  studying documents of their national heritage (literature, music, art, religion, ethics, philosophy).

They will learn about the basic human right of having clean water and its equal distribution. They will extend their view to the water problems of the developing countries (e.g. Africa) and learn about the worldwide interdependence of the problem and their own responsibility.

Output: A letter to future generations and a charter of the „water-conscious“ citizen.

IV Theatre play

Based on their acquired knowledge the students will create a theatre play on the subject of water. Emphasis will be put on the cultural variety in the products according to the theatre work and the student‘s possibilities in the respective countries. The play will be in English but some words in each of the languages will be included. It will be presented on stage during our  last meeting in May 2012 in Amiens, France.