Schools and Countries


             State High School of Finance and Management “Intellect”, Pleven, Bulgaria (pdf)


                 Gimnazija"M.A.Reljković", Vinkovci, Croatia  (coming soon)


                 Collège Etouvie, Amiens, France (pdf)



                 Gymnasium Kenzingen, Kenzingen, Germany (pdf)


                 ITIS “G.B.LUCARELLI”, Benevento, Italy (pdf)


                 Ukmergės Užupio vidurinė mokykla, Ukmergé, Lithuania (pdf)



    The Project


                 The  Project






                                  questions and form (pdf)


                                  questionnaire Pleven, Bulgaria


                                                   Evaluated questionnaire Bulgaria 1 (pdf)


                                                   Evaluated questionnaire Bulgaria 2 (pdf)


                                                   Evaluated questionnaire Bulgaria 3 (pdf)


                                                   Evaluated questionnaire Bulgaria 4 (pdf)


                                  questionnaire Vinkovci, Croatia  (pdf)


                                  questionnaire Amiens, France (pdf)


                                  questionnaire Kenzingen, Germany (pdf)


                                  questionnaire Benevento, Italy


                                                   Evaluated questionnaire Italy 1 (pdf)


                                                   Evaluated questionnaire Italy 2 (pdf)


                                  questionnaire Ukmergé, Lithuania



                 Scientific Studies


                                  Bulgarian pdf-presentation on water around Pleven


                                  Croatian ptt-presentation on water around Vinkovci


                                  French presentation on water around Amiens (coming soon)


                                  German ptt-presentation on water around Kenzingen


                                  Italian ppt-presentation on water around Benevento


                                  Lithuanian ppt-presentation on water around Ukmergé



                 Art Exhibition


                                  Samples of the Art-Exhibition (pdf)


                                  Art-Calendar (pdf)



                 Cultural Heritage Studies


                                  Water in the Bulgarian proverbs (PowerPoint presentation)


                                  Water in the Croatian proverbs (PowerPoint presentation)


                                  Water as a topic in German literature, legends and poetry (ppsx)


                                  Water in Italian legends (PowerPoint presentation)


                                  Water in Lithuanian legends (PowerPoint presentation)



                 Glimpse on the World


                                  Aqua est vita (Croatian ppsx)


                                  To play or not to play with water? (French ppsx)


                                  Documents for the Charter of a water-conscious citizen (German ppsx)


                                  Water: To play or not to play? (Italian ppsx)


                                  CHARTER OF A WATER-CONSCIOUS CITIZEN


                                  LETTER TO THE FUTURE GENERATIONS




                 The Theatre Play


                                  Rehearsals in Lithuania


                          The final play – Photos


                          The final play – Video-Download





                                  Photo-gallery  of the Benevento-meeting in Italy


                                  Photo-gallery of the  Vinkovci –meeting in Croatia


                                  Photo-gallery of the Kenzingen –meeting in Germany


                                  Photo-gallery of the Pleven-meeting in Bulgaria


                                  Photo-gallery of the Ukmergé-meeting in Lithuania


                                  Photo-gallery of the Amiens-meeting in France








    Teaching Material


                                  Water in Numbers  - Mathematical workshop from Croatia


                                                   Animated presentation (ppt)




                                  “Shorts or Speedos”  educational  film (flv Flash-video)


                                  Touché  (from German Newspaper)


                                  Experiment “Hardness of Water” - Chemical Workshop  from Germany (pdf)


                                  Presentation of Professor Kümmerer “Water—More Than Just a Liquid !”