Nearly 1000 students in the 6 countries answered to the 36 questions about water consumption

Please click on the picture to see the questionnaire, the results of the 6 schools and the final evaluation.

And you can find pictures from our travel to Benevento, Italy, in the “Mobilities” section.


Date of publication: December 2010.

Please click on the picture to find the Power-Point Presentations of each school about the local water reserves, about  fresh water and sewage systems.  And you will find photographs from our travel to Vinkovci, Croatia, in the “Mobilities” section.

Scientific Studies

Date of publication: June 2011.

Please click on the picture to see examples of the art objects created by the students and our calendar 2012 made from students‘ photographs of the 6 countries.  You can find also photographs of the Kenzingen meeting in the “Mobilities” section and download the Presentation of Professor Kümmerer.

Art Exhibition

Date of publication: October 2011

With our ppt presentations you will understand the worldwide dimension of water problems. You can see our letter to future generations and the charter of a water concious citizen. And in the Mobilities” section you will travel with us to Pleven, Bulgaria.

Glimpse on the World

Date of publication: September 2011.

Here you  find examples of our comparative studies in  literature, myths and legends and our proverbs.

Cultural Heritage Studies

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Date of publication: June 2012.

You will travel with us twice: to Ukmergé, Lithuania for the rehearsals and to Amiens/France for the final play. You will also assist to our evaluation of the project.

The Theatre Play