·  September 2010

Beginning of the project

Finishing of the detailed preparation  of the project during the teachers meeting in Benevento, Italy (22/9-26/9 2010) creating the questionnaire

Revising the timetable of travels (mobilities)

·  October 2010—December 2010

Filling in of the questionnaire by appr.  1000 students in 6 countries

Scientific work and field-trips around the theme of water

Preparing ppt-presentations, making web-conferences, evaluating the questionnaire

26/11—1/12 Meeting of  students and teachers from 6 countries in Vinkovci,  Croatia

·  January  2011—May  2011

Preparing art objects of all kinds (photography, painting, potery, film) in the  6 countries

Arts workshops and arts exhibition during the meeting in Germany (25/5—29/5 2011)

· May 2011—Septembher 2011

Working on documents of cultural heritage concerning water in litterature, arts, religion, ethics

Creating a „Letter to future generation“ and a „Charta of the water concious citizen“ during the stay in Pleven, Bulgaria (17/9—21/9 2011)


· October 2011—March 2012

First period of theatre work,  writing scenes and songs, chosing actors and decoration    

Theatre rehearsal during our stay in Urmergé, Lithuania (17/3-21/3 2012) and conserted cleaning-up activity

· March  2012-May 2012

Intensive theatre work, rehearsals., creating  scenery and accessoiries

· May 2012—June 2012

Presenting the theatre play on stage during the stay in Amiens, France (1/5 2012-6/5 2012)

Recording and distributing the play

Finishing the downloadable teaching material

Final evaluation